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Innovative Interaction
Versatility and Customization
Tailored Gaming Experience
Innovative Interaction
Versatility and Customization
Pulse Arena
Tailored Gaming Experience


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Multi-Game & Multi-Play

Enjoy the excitement of betting on up to four games at once, with the ability to view multiple active game boards in real-time.

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Side Bet Options

Explore Interblock's games with a range of side bet options for added excitement and big winning opportunities.

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Premium 27" ETG Terminals

Experience gaming luxury with our 27" Electronic Table Gaming (ETG) terminals, designed for the player's ultimate comfort and clarity.

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Stadium Configuration

Create a thrilling gaming community by connecting up to 200 ETG terminals, sharing the excitement with passionate players.

Modular Options

Generators and Display Options


Our Automated Roulette Wheel is the pinnacle of Interblock's automated gaming equipment. Powered by a mechanical random number generator, it ensures both randomness and excitement on every spin.

Diamond Roulette generator


The tower's visibility from a distance ensures it grabs players' attention. With a total width of 86.54'' and a height of 49.33'', the monitor's height is adjustable to suit your preferences, whether lower for automated generators or higher for dealers.



Experience unparalleled speed and precision with the Diamond Craps Generator, the world's fastest mechanical dice generator. This remarkable innovation outperforms the competition and delivers more games per hour.

Diamond Craps Generator


Interblock's Diamond Roulette Generator - Golden Ball takes the excitement of traditional roulette to a luxurious level, featuring a dazzling Golden Ball feature for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Diamond Golden Ball Roulette generator


Experience unrivalled speed and accuracy with the Diamond Sicbo Generator, the world's fastest mechanical dice generator designed for Sicbo play.

Diamond Sicbo Generator


Introducing the Live Roulette Table, featuring a mechanical wheel, an LCD display for the croupier and a video camera for live streaming of the roulette wheel. Choose between Single Zero and Double Zero options for Live Roulette, offering more action with faster decision times.

Live Roulette Table


Discover our Live Baccarat table, where automation and dealer assistance seamlessly blend to create a compelling gaming experience. The Diamond Live Table Card is compatible with Diamond Play Stations, ensuring an engaging gaming environment.

Live Baccarat table


Interblock's Live Dual Roulette revolutionizes the game by allowing players to simultaneously bet on two separate roulette wheels spun by a single live dealer, doubling the excitement and potential for big wins.

Live Dual Roulette


Interblock's Live Craps combines cutting-edge technology with the excitement of a live dealer, delivering an immersive and authentic craps experience that merges the best of both worlds.

Live Craps Table


Interblock's Live Blackjack Xtreme, both Single and Multi-Hand, offers an adrenaline-pumping twist to the classic card game, featuring a live dealer and high-speed gameplay that amps up the excitement to an extreme level.

Live BlackJac Xtreme


In addition to our tower options, casino operators can also select our wall-mounted Player display solution.


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